Our Mission

Welcome to St. John’s!

At St. John’s all are welcome! Wherever you find yourself on your faith journey; whatever you are believing or doubting; whether you are married, partnered or single; whatever your physical or mental abilities; no matter your age or economic status, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity: we welcome you here to be met by God, who already knows you and loves you.

The people of St. John’s invite you to join the ministry of this community. Our invitation to worship and share in the ministries of this parish and activities of St. John’s Parish Day School comes from wonderful people of different ages, interests, and talents. In celebrating the glory of God together, you will discover the joy of making new friends, the excitement of making your life purposeful, and the hope that springs from following Christ. This invitation offers a broader, deeper, and love-filled way of life. This community continues to discover how God’s power works in all of us and spans the generations so that we can live more fully than we ever imagined. As we sing, praise, laugh, cry, serve, and play together we draw closer to one another and to Christ. Come and belong to a community that worships, learns and loves.