Faith in Action - Outreach

Faith in Action - Outreach

Service over Self "Faith in Action" - Events and Activities

During the COVID-19 pandemic, St. John's is working to support many organizations. The Outreach Commission's "Porch Pictures" project will benefit the following organizations:

Howard County Food Bank: The Food Bank is working in conjunction with the Community Action Council of Howard County to meet the increased demand for food during this pandemic, especially for children who are no longer in school.

FIRN Howard County (Foreign-Born Information and Referral Network): FIRN serves the immigrant population of Howard County and many of the individuals they serve are in need of items like diapers, sanitary supplies and food.

UMBC Retrievers Essentials: Retrievers Essentials provides desperately needed food for college students who are food in-secure.  During this pandemic, many students are experiencing food insecurity due to loss of jobs on and off-campus.

For more information on "Porch Pictures, see the April 30 edition of Blessings e-news.

Service over Self "Faith in Action" - Collections
  • St. John's Casserole Ministry - See the monthly calendar for due dates.  Casseroles are sent to The Children's Home, Westside Men's Shelter and the Grassroots Day Resource Center  Contact Cynthia Cecil
  • Please check back in mid-September for the 2019-2020 program year activities.

St. John's Outreach Partners
Outreach ministries respond to Christ's call to serve those in need beyond the St. John's community. Our work extends from Howard county to Kenya and includes a broad range of efforts, from simple casserole preparation to disaster relief.