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Worship at the Labyrinth followed by grilling!

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Adult Education

Adult Education & Spiritual Growth

St. John's Adult Faith Formation program offers many pathways to spiritual growth. Through the study of scripture as well as modern-day thought, we build the foundation needed to apply reason to our faith today. 

Adult Faith Formation is rooted in the Episcopal tradition exploring scripture, tradition, and reason. For those who come to this congregation from other traditions, fear not. St. John’s has many people who come from backgrounds other than the Episcopal Church. So, whether you are a “cradle Episcopalian" or a former member of another denomination, or no denomination at all, we are confident you will feel welcome in any of our classes. 


Adults can grow in faith and spirituality at St. John’s through a variety of offerings that take place weekly: Sunday classes and weekday/weeknight studies – like Women’s Bible Study; seasonally – through Lenten or Advent offerings; as well as annually during offerings like our Men’s and Women’s Retreat and adult pilgrimages.  In past few years, parishioners have also enjoyed the St. John's Bible Challenge with parishioners reading the bible with assigned daily scriptures and regularly schedule group meetings for discussion and community building. 

Adult Opportunities for Spiritual Education


St. John's Cross and Steeple

Education for Ministry

Have you thought about reading the Bible “all the way through” but then become bogged down or puzzled? Have questions about parts of Scripture you hear each Sunday? How about the parts of Scripture you never hear on Sunday? There’s a way through this dilemma and it’s spelled EfM. Education for Ministry is a theological education program for laypersons. Each weekly seminar includes Bible study, theological reflection, and worship. Over the four year course, participants learn the basics of the Bible, church history and theology. Participants commit one year at a time. St. John’s has an active EfM group meeting on Monday mornings and a new group will begin meeting Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9:30p, mentored by Sharon Weston –Dawkes, and Rev. Ann. Please e-mail Sharon or call her at 410-428-3943 or contact her at if you are interested in growing deeper in your faith.

Women's Bible Study

Women's Bible Study

Be part of study and prayer in community with women from across the generations. The first Meeting will allow us to get to know each other over refreshments and go over the timeline for our study of the book of Job, using the Kerygma resource book which can be purchased at the church office or the first Meeting for $23.00.  Please e-mail Jane Sims with any questions or call Jane at 410-750-0912.