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Sustaining Our Church - Our 2020 Vision

As Christians, we know that all we have received is if from God. Everything on earth belongs to God, as we belong to God. In faith and love, we ask  the Lord’s help and guidance to do his will. We pray for the wisdom and insight to understand the responsibility he has given us to take care of our gifts.

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How Do We Sustain The Church? 

The Stewardship Committee of St. John’s is made up of parishioners who feel called to serve in the mission of taking care of the church. The Annual Giving Campaign and educating the parish on practicing good stewardship are the main tasks. The Stewardship Committee sponsors several events during the year such as The Parish Fair and Homecoming, which both occur in September and encourage new friendships and provide opportunities to use the gifts God has given is through our time, talents, and resources. 

The Annual Giving request from all parishioner begins in October so that St. John's Vestry leaders can approve the budget for the upcoming year.  Pledges are accepted year-round and can be fulfilled in many ways: direct debit, check, credit card or gifts of stock; and through weekly, monthly, or occasional gifts throughout the year. 

Please contact Kathy Hahn, Financial Director, for more information. You may also pledge by completing the online form above. Annual Giving at St. John’s supports all our ministries. Generosity of our members grows these ministries.

The pledge participation goal each year 100%. Everyone is encouraged to over time move towards the Biblical proportion for giving 10%, known as the tithe. Most households begin with a smaller proportion but all are encouraged to take the “3 Steps to Tithing.” 

Three Steps to Tithing

Become a First Fruits Giver
Whenever you receive money, give thanks by giving something back to God. Don’t worry about how much. Just do this FIRST, before all of your other spending.

Become a Percentage Giver
No matter how large or small, decide what percent of your income you want to give to God and begin doing it through your financial pledge to St. John’s.

Increase as You Are Able
Pray often. Talk it over with God so that God can help you decide when to take risks and when to play it safe. 

Stewardship at St. John’s

In addition to efforts of the Stewardship Committee, there are many individuals who care for St. John’s by serving in the committees listed below:

Buildings & Grounds
Planned Giving
Stewardship of Creation Committee
Technology & Communications Committee

Please consider your own talents and get involved with Stewardship at St. John’s. You will be sure to find insightful, caring individuals that meet with intelligent inquiry as to what to do with the gifts God has given us. Please contact: Rev. Ann Ritonia, 410-461-7793, for more information.